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The music scene in Spain, like in many countries, is influenced by international music trends, and the top dance songs in 2014 reflected the popularity of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and various electronic dance subgenres during that time. Here are some of the top dance songs that gained recognition in Spain in 2014:

  1. David Guetta feat. Sam Martin – «Lovers on the Sun»: David Guetta’s collaboration with singer Sam Martin became a hit in Spain and around the world, featuring his signature electronic sound.
  2. Calvin Harris – «Summer»: Calvin Harris’ «Summer» was a chart-topping EDM track that received significant airplay in Spain, making it a staple at clubs and festivals.
  3. Avicii – «Hey Brother»: Avicii’s blend of electronic and folk elements in «Hey Brother» made it a catchy and popular dance track.
  4. Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne – «Rather Be»: This British electronic group’s song «Rather Be» featuring Jess Glynne was a massive hit in Spain, known for its infectious melody and danceable beat.
  5. Kiesza – «Hideaway»: Kiesza’s «Hideaway» brought a fresh house music vibe to the dance scene and was well-received by Spanish audiences.
  6. Mr. Probz – «Waves» (Robin Schulz Remix): The remix of Mr. Probz’s «Waves» by Robin Schulz added a tropical house touch to the song and became a summer anthem.
  7. Sigma – «Nobody to Love»: Sigma’s «Nobody to Love» was a chart-topper in Spain, known for its energetic drum and bass style.
  8. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones – «I Got U»: Duke Dumont’s «I Got U» featuring Jax Jones had a tropical house sound that resonated with Spanish listeners.
  9. Nico & Vinz – «Am I Wrong»: While not strictly a dance track, «Am I Wrong» by Nico & Vinz had a danceable beat and was popular in clubs and on radio stations.
  10. Katy Perry feat. Juicy J – «Dark Horse»: Katy Perry’s «Dark Horse» was a crossover hit that blended pop and electronic elements, making it a club favorite.

These songs were part of the EDM and dance music wave that dominated the music scene in Spain in 2014, with many of them still evoking nostalgia for that era’s dance music enthusiasts. Keep in mind that music trends can vary by region, so the popularity of specific songs may have differed in various parts of Spain.