Cable internet

is a new, high speed way to connect to the internet using a cable modem and going through your cable television company. It is easy to use and can be lightning fast which is great for people who like to play games online or just do not want to wait for pages to load with a slower connection. Essentially, the cable modem utilizes unused bandwidth on a cable television network providing broadband access to the internet that is fast and usually quite reliable.

The obvious advantage to cable internet is its speed. For years, people have only had access to the internet via a telephone line and a 56k modem which was quite slow. But it was a way to at least get online. Then cable companies realized that they had unused portions of the cables that delivered television service to their customers and they found a way to construct a modem that would take advantage of that which is how cable internet came about.

There are, however, disadvantages to cable internet. All fixed network broadband network technologies such as DSL and satellite internet are shared by a population of users. In the case of cable internet, this would be users in the same neighborhood all sharing the same available capacity provided by a single coaxial cable line. What that means is that service speed can vary depending on how many people are using the service at the same time. While this can help to keep the price of cable internet lower, it also means that the cable provider must monitor usage so that they do not have frustrated and unhappy customers.

A second disadvantage to cable internet is that many of the cable companies do not want to provide their service to people who do not subscribe to their television service. The cable company provides the cable modem to their customers and if the customer does not have their television service, they might charge higher rates for the internet service only as opposed to bundling it with television service as well. What that means is that you may get a better monthly rate for satellite television but you want cable internet, you will have to pay a higher rate for the cable internet or have to switch television providers to get the best rates.

The advent of cable internet has been a welcome addition to the online community because of its speed and general reliability. It gives everyday users a way to connect to the internet quickly and easily without having to have the added expense of a separate telephone line which is slower to connect anyway. While cable internet is not available to everyone, you may want to check with the local cable company and check out this great way to get online.