Christian Entrepreneur

All About Being a Christian Entrepreneur

The business world today can be a very intimidating place for a Christian entrepreneur. You see, business today has gotten to a very competitive point. Money makes this world go round. All over the world some people would do anything for money.

This fact makes most Christian entrepreneurs afraid. Most think that money will somehow corrupt their morals and interfere with their Christian living. A verse most Christian entrepreneurs keep repeating to themselves is «Money is the root of all evil.» (I Tim. 6:10). However, many Christians fail to realize that there is much more to this verse that changes its meaning.

When you read the whole verse, you can actually see that it says «For the love of money is the root of all evil.» That’s right: money per se cannot be the source of all evil because it is an inanimate object. A lot of good has been produced by money, and if money is so bad, then how come we always give tithes and offerings?

The love for money is the root of all evil. This talks about greed. Christian entrepreneurs should never let greed rule their lives. Money is important. However, you should not learn to «love» it. You should not let it dictate your life. You should not make decisions that favor money instead of your character.

Greed, as we all know, is dangerous not just to Christian entrepreneurs, but to other types of businessmen as well. Most people fall down because of their greed by compromising their principles. Principles keep a company in line. In fact, Christian entrepreneurs build their companies based on principles.

Want some inspiration? Well, think of Colgate. The toothpaste that most of the world is using right now was introduced to the world by a Christian entrepreneur. Another very good example of a successful Christian entrepreneur is Henry Ford. Ford ran his company under Christian principles and was rewarded by having work efficiency reach a very high level.

Until now, the Ford motor company still maintains its Christian company and still succeeds at being one of the biggest companies in the world.

There are a number of opportunities out there for Christian entrepreneurs to grasp. In fact, the fact that there are a lot of Christians out there shows you that you have a very big potential market!

So what do you need to do to get started on your path as a Christian entrepreneur? Well, you might want to look into yourself and see what you might need as a Christian. What products would Christians be willing to buy? What services can you render to Christians? What business can you offer that would not compromise your Christian principles and get in the way of your Christian living?

Well, you can always open a Christian bookstore. You know how much literature appeals to Christians. By opening a Christian bookstore, you can provide Christians with the perfect place to catch up on their reading. You can sell inspirational books and different types of gift items that would certainly have Christians flocking to your bookstore.

Another business opportunity for Christian entrepreneurs today comes in the form of music. People all over the world have noticed how much Christian music has evolved and the market is slowly expanding for it. By going into the Christian music business, you are given two opportunities. You will be able to sell music for the soul and you will be able to introduce some non-Christians to the basic concepts of Christianity.

In order to get your business started, you are going to need some help. Thankfully, there are a lot of groups out there with the purpose of helping out Christian entrepreneurs. By going to these groups, you gain a lot of advantages.

First of all, these groups can help you with the basics of putting up your own business. They can help Christian entrepreneurs with the legal complexities and give them different ideas as to what kind of business to go into.

By going to Christian entrepreneurial groups for help, you also have the privilege to get in contact with the Christian community and scout out your potential market. We all know how valuable information can be, and the best way to get it is straight form the source.