Deer Hunter 4 cheats

Deer Hunter is one of the most popular hunting games on the market today, and like many other games, it has cheat codes that can make the game more challenging thus causing gamers to constantly be on the lookout for Deer Hunter 4 cheats. That does not make the player and “cheater” per se, but what Deer Hunter 4 cheats do is bring new aspects of the game into play and make it more fun to play for gaming enthusiasts.

We’re here to help and have found many Deer Hunter 4 cheats that you can use while playing Deer Hunter 4. This is not a comprehensive list as there are many, many cheat codes, but we can give you some of the more popular ones. First, while playing the game, press the F2 key, enter in the code, and then press the F2 key again. So here we go:

To make the animals not afraid of the hunter: dh4nofear
For the bullet view: dh4leadeye
To display debugging information: dh4breakdown
To enable all codes: dh4super
To go into flight mode: dh4skyhook
To get the gun sighted in: dh4sightin
Make it possible that the hunter never gets tired: dh4homegym
To become irresistible to animals: dh4beacon
Bring large deer into the picture: dh4monster
Make lightning in the sky: dh4zeus
For more gore: dh4f13
For no noise: dh4damper
To bring on rainy weather: dh4water
To bring on snowy weather: dh4ice
To make the sky thunder: dh4thor
To travel to the nearest animal: dh4find
To view the deer on a map: dh4showme
To view info on the nearest deer: dh4deerwatch

When using Deer Hunter 4 cheats, we think that you will find that the game becomes a bit easier, so if you are looking to be challenged, you may want to stay away from them. However, a lot of people find that using Deer Hunter 4 cheats makes the game much more interesting to play. Because Deer Hunter 4 allows players to move up levels, using Deer Hunter 4 cheats makes it easier to move up these levels and become a better hunter.

You may want to check out some of the online communities that exist to chat with other Deer Hunter players. They often can offer up some Deer Hunter 4 cheats that are not listed in traditional places such as cheat web sites. You can also discuss the game with them and build up new friendships with people all over the world centering around loving to play Deer Hunter 4 and wanting to get more Deer Hunter 4 cheats.