Does Acne Pamper Your Look

Soon when a girl attains its teen age, she becomes more cautious about her look. And then raises a problem of acne’s and related problems. Acne problem varies with person and increases in different stages. Whiteheads and blackheads are the preliminary stage of acne formation. A very tiny protuberance figures out by consuming excess of the body oil and abrupt cells of the skin. These form many layer collectively, and a bung is shaped out to allow constipation of hair follicle. The expelled serum is entrapped in the stoma formed. The whiteheads and blackheads are mostly some what similar, but differ only in the mode of clogging of the skin stoma. When we consider blackheads the skin stoma is partly choked while whiteheads are completely choked off. In the case of whiteheads, the bung formed lies embedded beneath the layer of the skin. This condition prevents the bung to come in contact with the outer environment, which ultimately prevents oxidation and blackening.

Study revealed that hormonal changes give rise to this type of problem. “Androgen” the male hormone found in the body is the main causative agent that promotes the sebaceous glands to expel out more extra sebum. The expelled sebum than blends with the abrupt skin cells and a hard head structure blocking the stoma of the skin is formed. Dermatologist is of the view that whiteheads do not favor the dry skin. They believe that the sebum becomes hard due to the dry skin, and choke the skin stoma. The blackheads are also formed due to the same reason. Hence the exact reason behind it is yet not clear.

Most probably people get rid of comedones by adopting various means like using needles or blackheads remover etc. The simple means of removing them is by pressing the bulk with bare hands. The specialist advice to ovoid scratching with nails as it may cause asceticism. Whiteheads are very difficult to remove but can be possible by the consulting the specialist. To avoid this problem it is important to take special preventions, and keep away from the cause of it. Many preventive measures can be adopted such as regular cleansing, keep on washing the face at least twice a day. Many scrubbers are available to remove the abrupt skin. Avoid rough scrubbing which may harm the skin. Mostly prefer natural scrubbers using fruit peels and many remedial natural face packs of Azadirachta indica, Ocimum tenuiflorum and herbicides.

Hence to get better and good results one should adopt natural remedial means of cure.