Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs bite can cause itchiness and swollen rash (bed bug rash). Bed bug rash does not heal fast and is far more itchy than mosquito bites. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. But how can you avoid bed bugs bite?

Many people thought that bed bugs are invisible to the naked eye and that only a microscope can actually see it. This is wrong. Bed bugs are of the same size as that of appleseed. In fact, bed bugs resemble appleseeds in color and shape. The only difference between a bed bug and an appleseed lies in the thickness; bed bugs are thinner than the appleseeds.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you. Bed bugs bite are itchy and may lead to infection when scratched. Don’t let the bed bugs bite your children. Children have less control in scratching themselves. Scratching a swollen bed bug bite would scrape the skin and may lead to serious infection.

If you know how bed bugs behave, you will also know how to exterminate them. Below are some tips.

* Don’t let the bed bugs bite you on your couch.

It would be embarrassing if your house guests will scratch himsel or hersel an hour after sitting at your sofa, would not it? Don’t let the bed bugs bite you, moreso your house guest! If your guest caught a crawling bug on her or his shirt while she or he talks to you, you cannot play dumb and pretend that you can’t see the bed bugs. You can’t much more claim that the crawling bed bug did not come from your couch.

I won’t wonder that your home will be the topic of gossip around your neighborhood. And the gossip that your house is bed bug infested won’t die anytime soon. So, check the crevices of your sofa, dismantle it and search for reddish brown stain under the dismantled parts. If you see a stain, you need to throw away your couch and then search your entire house for bed bugs. The moment a single item in your house has been proven positive of bed bugs, it is 95% sure that your bed has bed bugs and the other wooden furniture in your house has been invaded by bed bugs.

* Don’t let the bed bugs bite you on your bed.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you while you are sleeping. It will make you feel itchy, uncomfortable and it may even be the primary cause of your anxiety. People who belong in a household with have bed bugs infestation have the greater chance to suffer from anxiety and insomnia. The study tells that bed bugs become a precursor to bad sleeping habits which will eventually leads to anxiety and serious insomnia.

Bed bugs are really itchy. Don’t let the bed bugs bite you and your small children. Some people are even have low tolerance of bed bugs itch.

If you are sharing bed with your infant child at times, don’t let the bed bugs bite her or him. Your child will cry uncontrollably because of the bed bugs itch. In case your bed is infested and your child or infant has been bitten, apply calamine lotion on the affected are to lessen the itch.

In bed, bed bugs bite the legs and shoulders because these are the expose area. If you see small, rounded, swollen, reddish, and sometime in-line, bump, there is a big probability that the rash was caused by bed bugs.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you and your family! Find them under your bed’s mattresses, the headboard and the wooden panels of your bed. If you see a reddish brown stain under the mattress, then the itch that you are now getting are undoubtedly a product of bed bugs bite. If you smell an offensive, sweet-like musty odor, then it means your bed bugs infestation is already at the alarming stage. There is therefore no chance at all to salvage your favorite bed. Inside it, the bed bugs could have created their own community in between crevices, foams and bed springs.