Duck hunting game

Back in the 1980’s, the first hunting video game that was developed was a duck hunting game for the Nintendo video game console. It required the use of a special laser gun and allowed you to shoot either skeet or ducks. You were accompanied by a hunting dog that would laugh if you missed a duck and clapped when you got one. The graphics were very basic and the landscape not very exciting, but this duck hunting game laid the base for technology to more forward to where we are today – having a variety of duck hunting games to choose from for all video game console platforms as well as on the personal computer.

There are many duck hunting game available for the personal computer – whether you use an IBM-based system or a Macintosh system. The software that is available today is much more advanced and gives lots and lots of options when it comes to your duck hunting experience. Software games that you install on your computer gives you various places where you can hunt along with choices of weapons and various sizes of ducks. A good duck hunting game that comes in software form will offer you an online demo on their web site so that you can try out the game before you actually buy it.

Just like with many other hunting games, you can also find a good duck hunting game online and often are able to play it for free. While not as advanced and in-depth as software versions, they are fun nonetheless and do not cost anything to play other than a bit of your time to register as a member of the web site and the web site’s community.

When you are looking for a good duck hunting game, you will have to take into consideration what interests you the most. Do you just want to shoot a lot of ducks or are you more interested in laying in wait as ducks come into view from hiding and try to avoid your bullets? Maybe you want a combination of both in your duck hunting game with multi-player capabilities so you can play against friends.

Whatever you decide you want in a duck hunting game, we are sure you will be able to find it. Whether it is in your local video game store or an online retailer, there are lots to choose from and they are readily available. So go ahead and check out a duck hunting game, cock that trigger, and shoot away. Oh, and have fun!