Effective Time Management For Today’s Christian Entrepreneur

As believers, mastering effective time management is one of the greatest ways we can be fruitful and demonstrate our faithfulness. We have to do all that secular businesses do and find time for our prayer, meditation, worship, and service. As believers, we have to be twice as good to be a full reflection of God’s glory. There is one business principle that is true for all businesses – your business will prosper to the extent that you master peak productivity. The key to executing at a peak performance level is having effective time management habits.

It is truly possible to know what God created you to do and live life longing for it, without ever making the time to actually carry it out. Second to lack of trusting God to provide, lack of time management is the reason so many people never fully bring forth God’s vision for their lives. It would be a torturous existence, but people do it everyday because it is so easy to stay completely busy each and every day of your life without making a single significant dent in God’s intended purpose for your life.

In God’s Kingdome, time multiplies when we put Him first. Now is the time to take an inventory of how you are spending your time. Is it forwarding your freedom and vision? Is how you currently spend your time adding to your income? Remember that your schedule should be full of tasks and commitments that bring you joy, increase your spiritual and physical energy, and create profits for your business.

As believers, time is more valuable than money and you often need to tune-up your schedule. Here are my top five effective time management secrets that can transform your relationship to time.

§ Slow down to get more done. This is my best time tip ever! Traditional myths of success tell you that the busier your schedule is, the more successful you will be and this is just not true. The more focused and smarter you work, the more successful you will be. S-L-O-W down and you will find yourself getting more and more done.

§ Take time to plan out your year, quarter, month, week and day. This sounds basic, but so few people actually do it. When will you complete that large project? When will you make those follow-up calls? What days are available for meetings? When are you available to serve? Block out those days on your calendar and you will know how much time you have left to work with.

§ Limit access to your schedule. This is one of the greatest techniques of all time! Guard your time because it is the most valuable asset you own. The more you create undisturbed time to complete priority tasks, the more quickly you will bring forth the success you desire. Allow your voicemail to pick up your calls for 2-3 hours per day, turn off your cell phone ringer, set up phone meetings instead of live meetings, limit the number of incoming calls you accept, have people send you faxes before you will set up a phone appointment with them, etc. Hang up a “Do Not Disturb” sign…do whatever it takes to guard your time like it is more precious than diamonds or rubies.

§ Handle outgoing before incoming. Always handle outgoing tasks first and then open the gates to you incoming items only once you have sent out your priority communication for the day. Place your phone calls before you even check your voicemail messages. Send out your necessary emails before you even peek into your email inbox. (Please disable any email notifications or pop-up notifications.) Send out those letters before you open your mail for the day.

§ Choose 3-5 main visionary tasks to complete first thing each day. Choose only your most important 3-5 tasks to complete that day and do then first thing. Limit all access to you until you complete these tasks and you will find that the productivity will increase your energy and the time you have for everything else.
As you continue to move from busy to more profitable in your life and business, there are some great questions you should ask yourself so you can uncover any deep-seated habits, or self-sabotaging patterns that will set you back. Ask yourself, “What are my time wasters and excuses?” and “What am I hiding from by always staying too busy?” Implementing these five techniques alone will get you back in control of your schedule. With these questions and techniques, you are on the road to increasing your fruitfulness.