Entrepreneurialism And Mentorship

Today’s motivation for young entrepreneurs is being fueled through a variety of mentor-based programs that work to assist in the development of great ideas while pointing out potholes to avoid.

Organizations like Entrepreneurs Only (EO) are working to foster growth in young entrepreneurs with a sizeable dream. The organization further encourages philanthropy as part of the goodwill associated with establishing the vision.

Make no mistake, becoming an entrepreneur is as grueling as any class you’ve ever attended which is why it makes sense to link with an entrepreneurial group or message board that will allow you to ask questions and learn from the collective wisdom of those you are in contact with.

“Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight” – Author Unknown

Experience can come in two flavors. The first is through personal failures and the wisdom gained from those very personal events. The second is by expressing a willingness to learn from the mistakes of others.

When developing a business it is in your best interest to seek out someone who’s been on the road your traveling and see what you can learn from him or her.

“I considered Nat King Cole to be a friend and, in many ways, a mentor. He always had words of profound advice.” – Diahann Carroll

Some may have had the rare privilege of having a mentor who helped shape them into the human being they are today, but many are still looking for someone to interact with that can assist them in both personal and professional growth.

Interestingly, many who could be mentors typically do not see themselves as such. These individuals can pinpoint mistakes they have made in their lives and come away with the decision that they are not qualified to be a mentor.

Whether in business or life one of the most valuable assets you will ever have is a friend who will stand with you in all circumstances.

To further refine the point, a Public/Private Ventures study shows that participants in the mentoring program known as Little Brothers and Little Sisters are:

46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs;
27% less likely to begin using alcohol;
52% less likely to skip school;
37% less likely to skip class;
More confident in their schoolwork performance;
Able to get along better with their families.

A mentor is in many ways an advocate as well as a voice of reason. They aren’t parents and they shouldn’t be drill sergeants. In business and in life, a mentor is a goldmine and should be sought enthusiastically and with great care.