Entrepreneurialism – Nonconformists Urged To Apply

A non-conformist is described as one who does not conform to, or refuses to be bound by, accepted customs, or practices. In the past nonconformists may have been called troublemakers because they refused to accept a singular standard simply because it was expected. Sometimes non-conformist tendencies can get a person into trouble, but sometimes being a nonconformist can be a good thing.

How does that idea play out in entrepreneurialism?

You would think that due to the static nature of certain business techniques that being a non-conformist would be bad for business, and in a sense you would be right.

There are certain laws that must be followed if you are going to develop a business. There are also tax considerations that must be taken into account. In order to run a business you will likely require certain vendors that will expect you to conduct business in a certain way.

It would seem that being a nonconformist could be bad for business, but is there room for the maverick spirit?


There are many entrepreneurs that are reaching into their Crayon box and pulling out colors that will venture outside established lines. Of course I am speaking metaphorically. I am also speaking of something that still conforms to existing law.

Entrepreneurialism is a dynamic that works well for those who have ideas that challenge the status quo. Think about it. If your inspiration is an existing idea what is the point in pursuing what has already been done. Entrepreneurs reach out for something different and unexpected.

Of course, this has also brought about items that you may only find out about at 3 A.M. on an infomercial, but the point is you have a dream, it’s unique and sharing that dream may be difficult in the confines of Status Quoville.

You may be nonconformist in your marketing approach or in the way you advertise. You may be a nonconformist by developing a product that conventional wisdom says is either not needed or foolish. The creators of items like the Mood Ring, Pet Rocks and Chia-Pets more than likely were nonconformists. They found a product and they marketed that product even when everyone thought they were foolish.

High School Musical is a franchise that reportedly netted nearly a billion dollars with the first feature alone. This film was produced for television with a budget of around 4 million dollars. It has been reported that the soundtrack sold in excess of four million copies. Filmmaker Kenny Ortega had a dream, an idea, and he successfully brought family friendly musicals back into fashion – and made significant cash doing it.

There will be those who will not buy into your dream – don’t let that stop you from dreaming.

It’s good for entrepreneurialism to be guided a bit by a nonconformist nature. It is this very scenario that always seems to bring us the next ‘big’ thing from the mind of those who are often misunderstood because they have ideas that only they can see, but they are willing to share.