Entrepreneurialism – Pothole Avoidance

If you’ve ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur you should know there are dozens of online companies willing to provide assistance in helping you launch your big idea. That’s the good news.

The bad news is not all of these sources are worth the time and money you might invest. Then again, that’s a common cautionary take in all of life’s pursuits I suppose. So, where exactly does one go to learn more about starting their own business?

Certainly the access of online articles can help. This can take some quality time with a search engine, but you will likely find a great deal of information that would have been hard to locate twenty years ago.

There is one thing that is a bit ‘old school’ that could assist you in answering your questions about becoming an entrepreneur. You could simply ask someone who’s ‘been there’ for advice.

This doesn’t have to be someone directly involved with the idea you have, but simply someone who has already traverse the potholes of entrepreneurialism and lived to find continued success with their idea. Many of these individuals would welcome the opportunity to ‘talk shop’.

The whole idea of mentoring seems to be lost to the 21st century, however that doesn’t mean it is a useless idea. Interestingly, you might be able to find a mentor online if no one can be located in your immediate region.

Our 21st century world revolved around forum posts, blog posts, email and text messaging. These tools can be used to hold a conversation with one or more entrepreneurs who may be willing to share some insight into the business you are seeking to establish.

Imagine the individuals who developed the pet rock, mood rings and other pop culture gadgets of the past. Their ideas didn’t last forever, but they were able to create enough interest that, for a time, their ‘big idea’ found wings.

Entrepreneurialism is forged in the furnace of personal passion. If you believe strongly enough in your idea that passion can translate to others who can catch your vision – that vision is assisted when you have someone who can answer your questions as you get started.

Entrepreneurialism requires great patience, an eye toward the future and a solid belief in the product or service you are making available.

So search the web all you want when looking for information, but try to find someone who can be an entrepreneurial mentor to you as you take your ‘big idea’ and introduce it to reality.