If you are ordering something

There can be problems with order processing when you order through any type of venue, but there are times when you can’t seem to figure out what happened to your online order, and that company doesn’t seem to know either. There was a time when I ordered flowers, and my charge went through, but the flowers never showed up. After a bit of hunting, they said that my order was stuck somewhere in the system and they promptly gave me my money back. I don’t know if this is true, but it dimmed my view of ordering anything important online.

That doesn’t stop me though, and it shouldn’t stop you either. What you need to do is remember that order processing is different for every company, and even the small ones that can give more attention to each order can have problems. Computers and computer systems are supposed to make our lives easier, but they can have their problems as well. Systems are only as perfect as those who build and program them, and no one is perfect. That means that systems for order processing are going to have glitches now and again.

If you are ordering something, and you are pretty sure that something has gone wrong, you should talk with the company first. There may be something wrong with their order processing, and they may not have gotten your order. Some charges can go through, but that does not mean the order was filled because of a computer glitch. Look for a phone number and bring the problem to their attention. Yours may not be the only one. If you can’t seem to reach them, you may have a worry. Keep trying though. If you don’t find anyone to answer, you may want to seek a refund through whatever payment method you used.

When you are on the flip side of the coin, and you are the one doing the order processing, make sure you take any complaints and concerns seriously when someone calls. Don’t leave them hanging or you are going to damage your reputation. If you do find there was a problem with order processing, offer a refund if they want instead of getting the product, or at the very least offer a discount. That way your customers know you meant no harm, and that you really do care about customer satisfaction. They are more likely to return if you do.