Today’s job market is tough. If you’re looking for a job, here’s a quick refresher on making the most of your job search. If you haven’t looked for a new job recently, you may discover some new avenues to explore for job openings in your field.

There are many huge job sites, such as Monster, which cater to an array of specialized skills. On job sites like these, you can zero in on your field and use keywords to further refine the search for job descriptions that best approximate your skills. You can also limit your search to reflect job postings for the last week or two. These job sites allow you to post your resume online. Employers scan these job sites as well, looking for ideal candidates. Posting your resume on job sites increases your exposure exponentially.

When posting your resume, don’t try to puff up your skills and experience. Do emphasize your rock-solid skills. Frequently, employers will send job tests to candidates to screen out those who’ve fudged. This results in a waste of time, for both you and the employer. You then have created an additional problem counterproductive to filling one of those job openings, as your resume is now in front of many prospective employers. Play it straight.

There are also job sites that specialize in particular fields. One such site is Dice, loaded with IT-related job openings. Another, geared to telecommuting writers, is Telecommuting Writing Jobs, although they require that you pay a membership fee to access their job descriptions. There are job sites for educators, computer programmers, medical specialists, legal experts and executives. In fact, there are job sites for almost every profession. Don’t neglect these specialized sites when looking for a career job.

It’s a fact that there are many thousands of job opportunities suited to your skills and situation. If you don’t mind relocating, look for job descriptions offering relocation expenses.

Telecommuting job postings are more plentiful now than they were a few years ago. On-site jobs means the employer must provide a workspace and at the very least, incidentals such as coffee, equipment and other small perks available to the on-site worker. These add up to more expense for the employer. If you have a track record as a reliable telecommuter, search out descriptions with this option. You benefit from such an arrangement as well. Working from home reduces your traveling, clothing and eating expenses, which do add up.

Finally, every state in the U.S. has an employment job site. Most allow resume posting and offer searchable databases, organized to meet the needs of general laborers and professionals alike. Unlike most other types of job sites, you’ll find listings for state jobs, which usually pay quite well and offer excellent benefits.

Hit the big job sites first, then look for specialized sites in your line of work. If you’re diligent and represent yourself honestly, there’s a job in your near future!