king size bed

If you are in the market for a king size bed skirt then you have some decision-making to do. While you might want to get something that is really inexpensive in this product it is important to remember that you often get what you pay for. A product like a king bed skirt is something that you will see every day. You really don’t want to skimp on this.

It can be tempting to go the cheap route when looking for a product like a king bed skirt. After all, the prices range from about 20 bucks to over 200 dollars. The 20 dollar deal sounds too good to be true and this may be because is really is too good to be true. A king bed skirt that costs 20 bucks might need to be replaced before you know it.

I’m saying this from pure experience. I found a great “deal” on a king bed skirt and I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with the price. Actually, I wasted 20 dollars on an irregular king bed skirt that just wouldn’t fit the unit correctly. I wound up ripping the thing off the bed out of frustration and began looking for a replacement.

The replacement was another cheap king bed skirt but this one was even worse. Not only was it irregular in size, it also covered the whole bed frame. This meant that I had to completely remove the mattress to put the king bed skirt on the frame. However, the item didn’t fit properly. This led to a lot of frustration that I don’t want to revisit any time soon.

I found myself wrestling with this king bed skirt way too long. The skirt wouldn’t lay right on the floor and the whole thing was crooked. The bedroom looked better when I just had the bed frame sticking out from under the comforter set. This king bed skirt wound up in the garbage as well.

So I was 40 bucks (plus shipping) in the hole and I figured that I might as well just save up for a real king bed skirt that wouldn’t betray me. The 200 dollar option was out of the question but I did find a great item for about 75 dollars. Even though this one item cost more than the other two combined, it was well worth the money. This was a fair price for a wonderful king bed skirt.