laptop accessories

Ever since I bought myself an affordable and dependable laptop, I have become a gadget freak of sorts. While balancing the books this month, I realized that even without knowing it (and even less planning it!) I had spent a whole lot of money on getting myself laptop accessories. And today, while the laptop of any normal person is meant to make them more mobile, if I need to use all my laptop accessories, I need to lug around a case for them alone. So what mobility am I talking about?

Anyways, the fetish for laptop accessories started like I said, when I got myself a laptop. For what is the point in getting myself laptop accessories if I didn’t have a laptop to hook them up to in the first place. Since my laptop came with very small and dinky keypads, the first and foremost laptop accessories I bought sought to remedy this flaw. So in came the flexible, full size QWERTY keyboard. Then of course came the newspaper reports about how people had maimed and hurt themselves with overheated laptops. So I bought the next set of laptop accessories – fans to keep the laptop cool with docking stations attached.

Then of course, there was no looking back. After the keyboard and the fan came little lamps that would enable me to work in the privacy of the bedroom and not disturb the missus, who was already very offended at having to share our conjugal bed with an inanimate laptop. And in order to screen or shield my confidential documents from nosey colleagues, I got another set of laptop accessories – the screen shield which ensured that unless someone was seated directly in front of the laptop, nothing would be visible.

Soon, I began accumulating all kinds of laptop accessories. Every piece od digital device I bought came with a laptop enabled accessory. And even things like blenders and ironing presses came with a laptop powered version. The last straw for my finances was when I got myself a USB powered vacuum cleaner to clean up the crumbs and dust that settled on my laptop. Name the kinds of laptop accessories, and you could be pretty sure that I had them. Whether I managed to make the most of any or all of these laptop accessories is an altogether different matter. But surely that never stopped a gadget freak from going on an acquisition spree for laptop accessories at any point in the history of man!