Low Calorie Recipes

There are dozens of dietary weight loss programs. It can be confusing to figure out which might work best for you. The bottom line in the weight loss game is fewer calories. It makes sense to combine low calorie recipes with regular physical activity. Here we’ll take a look at a sensible strategy of low calorie recipes that are tasty, filling and take off those unwanted pounds. You may find you enjoy the low calorie lifestyle so much, you’ll form new patterns and choices to keep you slim for life.

The food pyramid is a good place to start. You’ll notice that fruits and vegetables are recommended for several servings per day. These foods are powerhouses of nutrients, but light on calories. Lean meats, like chicken, pork and most fish are also nutritious without being fattening. Whole-grain breads and pasta have fewer calories and are more nutritious than those made with white flour. In cereals, go for the granola instead of the sugar-laden puff pops. Granola does double-duty, for breakfast and snacks. Add raisins, pine nuts or sunflower seeds for extra nutrition and taste.

Remember, if your goal is to lose weight, you’ve got to stick with the program. Low calorie recipes which weigh fats and oils by the teaspoon are often too stingy on taste. Small enhancements, like non-dairy whipped topping on top of that fruit cup makes it ever so much more attractive. A dab of margarine or butter won’t kill your diet. If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t stick with a diet of dry and boring low calorie recipes.

Many low calorie recipes are too plain, not adding much spark to the dish. Seasonings are one of the best-kept secrets of serious – and successful dieters. Herbal cooking blends enhance the flavors of foods. Interest adds pleasure to eating, which leads to sticking to your weight loss program.

No-salt herbal blends give the impression of salted food, but in fact contain no salt. These blends are useful if you salt your food heavily, which isn’t good for your heart and causes water retention.

Marinades, salsas and chutneys are all terrific condiments to add to basic low calorie recipes for all meats and fish. You can only eat so much chicken, right? These condiments offer dozens of taste variations. Try pesto, a mix of fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. Blend a couple of tablespoons into a bowl of linguine for an indulgent taste without the calories of say, stroganoff sauce.

Take the plainest low-calorie recipes you can find and experiment with seasonings to make your own fabulous low calorie recipes. Allow yourself small treats, like butter on green beans, every now and then. Do count your calories. Just make your food interesting enough to like. Then you keep going. Fill up on fruits, juices and vegetables. If you only cut your calories, stick with the program and exercise, you’ll become a success!