masters programs

Higher education is constantly changing and evolving. And I don’t just mean the courses are getting tougher or more in-depth. If you haven’t noticed by now, the world is getting considerable more competitive with each decade. In the 90s when I graduated from high school, I heard endless spiels from relatives about why I needed to go to college. They swore up and down that a college education was essential if I planned on having a decent paying career. Fair enough. That made sense to me, as I’m sure it did to many others. After all, there was no way I wanted to work in some burger joint or video store for the rest of my life. Then the millennium hit. A new age is now upon us. These days I here about masters programs, and how everyone should strive for that MBA in order to vie with the millions of others. I can only wonder if it will soon be a PHD that’s essential.

Many people go after their higher education with one simple goal in mind. They want the job! This is what college is all about. So many individuals tackle that four-year education in order to attain a great career afterwards. It’s very simple math; college = good salary. I know this because it’s what I heard from my peers all through college. They wanted a good career to provide for a good lifestyle. Then there were the select few who shot for the masters programs on top of their BA or BS. I admired these people. There was no way I was interested in grunting my way through masters programs after the first four years of homework, mid-terms and finals. It sounded dismal at best. Then again, that higher level of achievement is definitely well respected in the corporate world. The ones who choose the masters programs tend to go into management. So maybe imagining yourself as the boss with a better salary will drive you toward that master’s degree.

It’s typically another two years. So if you’re young and planning out that college education, why not go for the masters programs right of the bat. Instead of finishing at age 22, you’ll probably be done by age 24. The MBA is certainly worth your time and effort. Imagine how far ahead of the competition it places you.