most hated skin afflictions

ZAP that zit! Hey, remember all those crazy commercials back in the day that told us their products would do the unheard of? Yeah, we’ve all se them! The acne remedy ads were my all-time favorites. They must have gotten so many pimple-afflicted teenagers stoked about obliterating their skin condition. Only to soon discover that the zit miracle creams were bogus. Have you ever really encountered a Clearasil or Oxy product that eliminated blemishes on contact? The best commercial was the one with the teenage boy in his bedroom. He glanced in that mirror one morning and noticed several whoppers on his face. No fear; Oxy 10 is here. You simply squeeze out a bit on your fingertip and start dropping atomic bombs on those irksome pimples. With a cool sound effect, they disappear like that. Ha, yeah right! To really fight and control acne in the real world, it takes a tad more effort and time.

I would be fairly safe saying that acne is amongst the most hated skin afflictions. It’s certainly one of the most prominent ones, if not the most. Once you hit those puberty years, all bets are off. The odds are not in your favor. Therefore you’d better be prepared for some all-out zit wars. Blame the teenage hormones! Anyway, there are effective ways to control acne. All you need is the right input. I can’t emphasize enough how important your diet is. If you consume junk food regularly, it’s time to stop. It takes a toll on the pores since it’s excreted through them. Plus, loads of fat and sugar are terrible for your health. Get started with a healthy and well-balanced diet while you’re still young. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did later down the road. You can also control acne with the right skin care system. These usually consist of a few different products. A cleanser is mandatory. Find one that gentle cleanses your skin, so that you will be less prone to an over-dried complexion. You’ll also require a topical medication of some sort. There are infinite acne remedies currently available, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. Check into Proactive Solution or a prescription for Differin from your family doctor. These two have a great track record.

There are always little things you can do for your skin and help control acne. One of them is drink lots and lots of water; another is getting plenty of sleep. Moreover, you can even take tepid showers to avoid over-drying your skin. Every bit helps.