Mothers Day gifts

Finding the right gifts Mothers Day can be difficult, especially if you have a mom like mine. Most Mothers Day gifts, you see, are pretty sentimental and stereotypical. People get Mothers Day bears or mugs, T-shirts with hearts on them or boxes of chocolates. My mother, however, hates all of that stuff. She views it with scorn, and she wants nothing to do with it. Finding her the perfect Mothers Day gift, needless to say, is something that takes a little bit of planning.

Usually, I get together with my siblings to come up with Mothers Day gift ideas. The past two years, we have taken her out for an extremely nice dinner as a Mothers Day present. You see, if there’s one thing that my mom likes, it is being taken out for dinner. If one of her child got her diamond earrings for Mothers Day, and another one got her a 20 dollars steak, I know which child she would favor! Nonetheless, my mom also doesn’t like repetition. Do something once, it is a surprise. Do it two times, she will let it slide. But take her out for Mothers Day three years in a row and she will say something nasty.

Unfortunately, my mother is not one of those people who believes in giving hints. I think that she secretly enjoys watching us squirm a little bit, stressing out over what present to get for her. I know that she likes books, and I can usually find something that she hasn’t read but would like to, but this year nothing comes to mind. She is such an avid reader, you see, that I think that she has read everything that is current and worth reading. I don’t want to take a chance and buy books that she might have read as Mothers Day gifts, but I don’t know how to find out without sounding like I am dropping hints.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in one of those families where Mothers Day gifts are something routine! I don’t mind working to find the perfect gift for my mom, but the perception that she is subtly laughing at us as we wrack our brains trying to find the perfect Mothers Day gifts Is a little bit disconcerting. One way or another, I am sure that we will all find something for her before the big day comes, but in the meantime it’s going to be quite stressful!