mouthwash dispenser

When I was young, I was in awe of something my mom brought home from the grocery store one day. It was a bottle of mouthwash that had a small cup on the top that allowed you to squeeze out the right amount of mouthwash for one use. This mouthwash dispenser was something that I had never seen before, and at my age, I thought it was one of the coolest things I have seen. Other things have taken over in the awe category since then, but at that time, I was definitely impressed with it and had fun using it too.

Though this mouthwash dispenser was a great thing, it did get me into trouble. I could not stop squeezing it up, and then to hide what I had done, I had to use it. My mother could not figure out why a large bottle of mouthwash was disappearing within a week. I suspect my brother had the same problem, as his breath was always suspiciously fresh for someone who protest each and every time he was told to brush his teeth. After a while, she stopped buying the bottles with the mouthwash dispenser, and I think the problem was solved. I am relatively sure that she figured out what was going on.

There was one problem with this type of mouthwash dispenser. They were really great and gave out just the right amount, but they were also terribly unsanitary. The mouthwash came up into the cup that was attached to the bottle, and you then dumped that in your mouth. I guess we could have poured that amount into a cup, but my mother never bought the disposable bathroom cups. That meant all five of us were putting our mouths on the same bottle, and that is something that is just asking for trouble.

Luckily, the mouthwash dispenser of today is much better, and you don’t have to worry about sharing germs. They look more like what you would think of as a coffee urn or dispenser that you can use without worrying about the person before you. You simply put your cup under the spout of the mouthwash dispenser and allow the small amount you need to flow out into your cup. What’s even better is that you can find them in all styles, so you can find something that will look great in your bathroom no matter what type of décor you have.