new windows

About a year ago, my landlord called me to tell me that I needed to get out of my apartment for the weekend. I was a little confused, and wasn’t sure where we were going to go. I was about to protest when she told me that someone was coming in to put in new windows, and it would probably take all day Saturday and some time on Sunday. After she said that, I found no reason to argue. We had high heating bills, and the windows were in sorry shape.

I decided to go stay overnight at my moms, and we packed up for a few days. She called back and reminded us that we had to move everything from in front of the windows, or it was going to take longer. It sounded like a lot of work for new windows, but I was willing to do anything if it would save us some money in the long run. When we got back, our new windows were all in, and thankfully, there wasn’t much of a mess to pick up.

We love our new windows, and they have saved us money on our heating bill. It’s not a huge difference, but a nice one. I have also found that these windows are so easy to clean, and making time to be sure they are clean on both sides is easy. That is because the new windows can be cleaned from the inside completely without going outside. They open and close as they should, and they have nice locks on them, which was good news because I live on the second floor and I have a young daughter. The last thing I want is for her to fall out of one of them.

If you are considering new windows, do some research into the models that will save you the most money, and are the easiest to clean. It really will make a difference in your bills, and will also give your home or apartment a whole new feeling. When it’s hard to wash windows, it is something that gets skipped. However, if you have newer windows that are easy to clean, the chore is not going to bother you that much. Even better, newer windows tend to work better with security systems, and they can even be opened from the top rather than the bottom if you have little ones. You’ll still have to watch them around the windows, of course, but having them open up high will be very helpful.