nut gift basket

Nuts are tasty and a source of protein, so it’s no surprise that they are popular as presents. A nut gift basket is suitable for lots of occasions and can be given to people who are on a diet. They are given on birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and they are particularly popular at Christmas time.

Corporations are always looking for more unusual corporate gifts and a nut gift basket fits the bill. Some companies supply them as hand woven baskets and many of them are tied in a festive ribbon and are lined with paper straw. One supplier presents the nuts in baskets, made from driftwood. Nuts are also packaged in boxes and tins but baskets have more of a home made feel to them.

Some gift sets are devoted to one particular kind of nut and others contain a mixture. The combination of chocolate or fruit with nuts is often used. The Almond Sampler contains Hickory Smoked, Honey Cinnamon, Butter Toffee and Roasted, Salted Almonds. The Pistachio Sampler has Berry Mix, Hickory Smoked and Chocolate Covered Pistachios. The Sweet and Nutty Basket is a nut gift basket for all the family and contains pistachios, almonds, peanuts, mixed nuts, toffee, cherries and peanut butter delights.

The Californian Pistachios type of nut gift basket has pistachios, cranberry, jumbo cashews and Wild West mix. The Fruit and Nut Tower includes dried fruit, mixed nuts, cranberries and cashews. Another gift set has jumbo walnuts, filberts, pecans and Brazil Nuts. Premium Nuts is the name of a basket with candied and caramelized nuts and nuts with special flavors. It contains the classic sugar coated almonds, roasted mixed nuts, roasted pepitas, chocolate covered King Cashews and butter toffee peanuts. There are also a mixture of pistachios, including jalapeno garlic, hot and sour and pistachio berry mix.

Snacking on nuts is a much better choice than snacking on junk food. Some studies have been done on the nutritional benefits of eating nuts. One study showed that nuts, and almonds and walnuts in particular, help to lower cholesterol. Nuts are a rich source of Vitamin E and minerals, such as selenium. Including nuts in the diet is important for vegetarians and vegans. This is fast food that is healthy and a nut gift basket is a thoughtful and fun gift for family and friends and will encourage young children to eat nuts. Perhaps, the ideal accompanying present would be a nut cracker!