Online Quizzes

I have a message board online where I hang out with 15 close friends. We all met online, and all live in different areas of the world. A few of the girls on the site live all the way on the other side of the world in Australia. We have the board closed to registration so that we know we have privacy, and we know everyone who is on the site. We do a lot of silly things, and talk about a lot of great subjects, and lately we have gone crazy taking online quizzes. Though we know they really can’t tell you anything about yourself, they sure are a lot of fun.

You can find online quizzes and many great places. Some of them are better than others. If you are familiar with My Space, you have probably seen many of these online quizzes. Many people find their quizzes from different sites and bring them all to one place. When you find a site full of online quizzes that you really like, make sure you bookmark it. When you find you have nothing better to do online, you may want to waste some time having fun doing online quizzes.

I have learned many things about myself online quizzes. I don’t take it seriously, of course, but I think some of the things are highly funny. I have found out that I should be living in Australia, should be married to a Virgo, and that my green eyes are indeed the perfect color for me. There are so many other funny things these online quizzes have taught me about myself, and even know you cannot take the results seriously, laughter is truly the best medicine.

My friends in my will take all kinds of online quizzes and then share our results with each other. Because we have been friends for so long, we know a lot about each other. When we see the results of some of the online quizzes, they become even more funny. When a quiz told my outgoing and very witty friend that she was one step away from being a reclusive killer, I think I laughed for days. There are some online quizzes that may help you gauge your IQ, or perhaps can give you guidance in a direction for a career, but for the most part, they are purely for fun. Go ahead and have some fun for yourself.