pill box

I am an organization freak. I used to be quite a slob, but one day I decided to get organized. I spent all night sorting through my room, and by the time it was done, everything was in perfect order. Since then, I have kept a tight ship. It just makes life that much easier to always know where everything is, after all. I organize my laundry, my papers, my bills, and even my dishes. The one thing that I have never successfully been able to organize, however, is my pills. That is, until I got a new pill dispenser.

Most pill boxes that I have seen aren’t really adequate for my needs. Your average pillbox is meant for people who take a couple pills once or twice a day. I have some pretty serious health problems, and as a result I take a lot of different medications and supplements. Until recently, I haven’t Been able to find any solution except to always have several bottles of medication with me. As you can imagine, this is pretty inconvenient. It also raises eyebrows when I’m going on vacation, causing unnecessary stops at security checkpoints.

That is why I was happy to find a pretty sophisticated pill box. Rather than the seven standard compartments labeled for different days of the week, it has a system of rotating dials. The mechanisms are hard to explain, but basically you can set it to remind you when the pill in any particular container is needed. The pills are loaded from the top, and it can dispense them at particular points during the day. It is sort of a pill box and alarm combined. It is a rather ingenious device, and I wish I had thought of it first.

Of course, if your needs are simpler than mine, you have more flexibility in picking out a pill box. The one I use is ugly, but I have seen some very stylish pill boxes in my day. One of my cousins actually has a silver pill box that she inherited from her grandmother. It is amazing that someone would put so much craftsmanship in to such a mundane piece of equipment. It really is a work of art, and that is no exaggeration. If I had a pill box like that, I don’t think I would use it to dispense medication. I’d probably put it up on the mantel as a keepsake, but my cousin is a much more practical person than me. She uses it every day.