portable charcoal grilling

We used to have a portable gas grill that we would use for picnics. It worked alright, but the food it cooked didn’t taste all that good. You see, many people think that barbecuing is always fun, but not all portable bbq grills are the same. It is not a good idea to use profane because it will give your food a slightly bitter flavor, whereas a portable charcoal grill will give it a smokier and more natural taste. It only cost a little bit of money, and it sure is a lot of fun.

Since we bought it, we have taken the portable barbecue grill everywhere. You’d be amazed by how many places you can take portable charcoal grills. Even when we go to the state park which has outdoor grills available for public use, we still usually take the portable charcoal grill. You see, last Fourth of July we thought we would just use one of the public grills out there. They are bigger, after all, are higher up off the ground, and a slightly safer. When we got there and couldn’t find one that wasn’t occupied, however, we realized that we should have brought a portable charcoal grill along.

Even with a big group, with portable charcoal grilling you can make enough food if you plan things well. I have been spoiled, I admit, by working on a commercial charcoal grill that we have at home in our backyard. When I decided to go out to the lake taking only the portable charcoal grill along, I was a little bit skeptical that I would be able to make food for all 15 of my friends who were coming. Nevertheless, with a little bit of tweaking, the portable charcoal grill works great. It had two rows of racks so that you can grill twice as much at once, and if you carefully move the meat around, you can get every cut to just the perfect temperature for whoever is requesting it.

Of course, if you use a portable charcoal grill without the right charcoal, things won’t taste quite as good. Many people don’t recognize the difference, but once you use smoker charcoal, you will not give it up. Although using regular charcoal is better than propane, it doesn’t compare to smoking the meat with some good smoker charcoal. It is enough to make your portable charcoal grill experience complete.