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Hello, I’m a Multiple Sclerosis, or MS for short, sufferer but mostly a caring human being. My name is Peter Vazquez. I hope that’s not my not what I’m remember for when I pass away, except the name 8^), the caring part is OK, but I hope it’s more like «he beat the odds with a little help from his friends». When I was first diagnosed with MS my general feeling I got was wait until you die and be as comfortable as you can in the mean time. My symptoms have ranged from weakness in m legs to double vision. I wanted to see the world before my timewass up,as soon as I could I got sponsored to go to Kyoto, Japan to see more of what life has too offer before it is over. I got to Tokyo and feel in love, with this place and my wife. My wife and Japan has taught me a proper healthy diet without sacrificing good taste. I then realized thatMS is not permanently damaging to my legs or eyes, I can correct those things with multiple sclerosis therapy, with professionals or myself. I’m still fighting against MS but I feel real progress without drugs. The progress I’m making is due to a natural healthy harmony I’ve reached with the natural world. The harmony I’ve found is with diet and acupuncture. These two things give me the ability to do physical therapy which will lead to walking and running and … I do some walking not but not walking to the corner market, that’s takes time.

I’ve set up a blog at Japan Health and MS Vlog so I could communicate with everyone what I’ve learned thus far with video and be able to hear what you all have to say with text comments and user submitted videos. Find health advice, information about diseases, diet tips and Video message boards. I have so much to learn if you’ll join me we can al learn together. This site is free to all. I’d like to hear what you may say and I’d love to share what I’ve learned thus far.