Birthstone Lists

There are few gifts as interesting as birth stone gems. The best way to shop for these items begins with a list of birthstone colors. There are many resources available for this information and the list can be used in a number of different ways. This is true if there is a special birthday party in the works.

People love to use themes for birthday celebrations. Whether it is a child’s first birthday or a milestone “over-the-hill” event, a general theme is ideal. Why not opt for something very different rather than the usual trends that have been used and over-used over the past party celebrations.

A list of birthstone colors can be the inspirational vehicle for kid’s birthday party ideas. All you need is the color of the birth stone and you are well on your way to creating an unusual theme that revolves around a precious gem. Well, two precious gems; the birthstone and the guest of honor.

Once you have chosen the right color from the list of birthstone colors, you have the means to start preparing for a colorful bash that is truly unique. Begin with shopping around for an item that has the actual gemstone. These items are vast and there are a few options to consider.

For example, a simple piece of jewelry is ideal for most birth stone presentations. However, very young children and gentlemen might not want to add this kind of item to their collection of things. Why not look for innovative items that have birthstones in them? These include everything from keepsake boxes to money clips.

Once you have the central gift for your birthday party theme, you can use the list of birthstone colors to find decorating inspiration. These items include everything from tablecloths, to streamers to paper plates. The great thing is that you can incorporate just about any color into your theme.

Even the cake can be gem inspired. In fact, you can opt for a bakery to make a stellar creation that has a gemstone theme. You can also take the time to create a cake of your own with the particular gemstone in mind. Of course, if you have a January or July birthstone in the works you might want to use the red hues sparingly, especially when it comes to the cake.

Creating a unique birthday celebration just takes some imagination and some focused planning. A list of birthstone colors is a great place to start for creating a gem of a party.