High Fiber Food Lists

Natural fiber is a great source for keeping a body lean and healthy. Some many be surprised to find that this element is rich in many foods that they would never consider. A list of high fiber foods is the ideal tool for making sure that these nutrients are in great supply in your diet plan.

Losing weight is pretty easy on a high fiber diet. This is especially true considering the vast number of food choices that you have at your fingertips. Use a list of high fiber foods as a source of grocery shopping inspiration and you will see how many great choices you really have.

The general rule is to have at least three grams of fiber for every 190 calories in each serving. The fiber actually balances the rest of the caloric intake in a few ways. This nutrient is ideal for natural weight loss and overall health. This element works in a number of ways.

First of all, anyone who has a substantial appetite will appreciate having a full feeling throughout the day. Foods high in fiber keep you feeling full and this makes the temptation to snack quite manageable. If you are not hungry all the time you are much less likely to cheat on your weight loss plan.

The fiber-rich foods also serve to absorb fat. You can actually eat more fatty foods without suffering the weight gain ramifications if you start your day with a healthy serving of fiber. This nutrient actually traps fat and keeps it from being absorbed into the system.

Of course, you have to be reasonable about this. Don’t think that eating a bowl of oatmeal followed by four pieces of butter cream icing filled cake is going to work. The idea is to create a balance that is realistic. Also, you can’t expect to lose weight while eating lots of fatty foods. The fiber simply serves as a balancing agent when you are on a maintenance plan.

There will be many surprises on the list of high fiber foods. One that really stands out is ice cream. Yes, some low fat ice creams are packed with fiber, making them the ideal treat for your weekly diet reward. You have to keep in mind that these products contain sugar in most cases so you do want to eat this treat in moderation.

If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry all day, you might want to look into a fiber-rich eating plan. A great place to start is a list of high fiber foods for inspiration.