Entrepreneurialism – The Power Of The What If

There are two words in the English language that hold the incredible power of personal change. These two common words challenge a set standard and looks to exact a revolution on what is status quo. These two words have alternately disturbed and excited mankind through the centuries and continue to do so today.

When answers come as a result of asking this two word question people often find their personal views will have to change – sometimes dramatically.

This is the power of “what if…”

Entrepreneurs understand that simply entertaining ‘what if’ has the potential to bring countless hours of work, sleepless nights and the need to build on a vision that just will not let them go until they do something about the dream.

Entrepreneurialism is not always the safest road, nor is it easy to walk. There are those who would derail the ‘what if’ whenever they are given the chance. The entrepreneur can expect to hear, “But it’s never been done that way.” They will be deluged with the glances of resident skeptics and if they are not careful the elusive ‘what if’ that has so captured them can fade under the withering gaze of conformity and they simply set their dream back on the shelf.

After all, sensible people don’t take unnecessary risks and ‘good’ people try their best to simply get along without rocking the boat. That certainly sounds reasonable, but is it?

You need to know that the entrepreneur is not trying to hand out heart attacks to those who think they may have lost their mind. The scenario playing itself out is simply proof that the power of ‘what if’ is so compelling it is virtually impossible for the entrepreneur to stand by and watch an opportunity or idea disappear down a road they are absolutely certain they must travel – even if that means they will not receive needed support from family and friends.

Judged to be eccentric by some the entrepreneur is simply focused on something they’ve been given the vision to see. They would like for you to see it too, but if you can’t it does not diminish their drive to follow the ‘what if’.

Imagine all of the things that would not be if someone had not used those two words…

What if we could use electricity to light our homes instead of candles?

What if we could find an alternative means of keeping our food cold?

What if we could develop an artificial intelligence system that responds to our requests and call it a computer?
What if we could devise a way for connections to be made worldwide through a system of computers?
What if we could make it possible for people to stay in contact when they are not at home?

‘What if’ remains a potent elixir in the battle against the status quo and as entrepreneurs hear the call of this pied piper they are finding the answers to ‘what if’ and the world stands awestruck at answers they had not expected.