Entrepreneurialism – The Right Formula

Kim Snider is the host of Financial Success Coaching on KRLD in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In one of her wonderful blog entries (Kimmunications) she defines success in entrepreneurialism this way, “One is E + S + I = FS and the other is .2(S) + .8(M) = FS. For those of you who don’t like math, I can picture your eyes starting to glaze over now, but stick with me. I am not about to get all nerdy on you.

“The first is a formulaic expression of something [I have said] before. Financial success comes from thinking like an entrepreneur (E), saving prodigiously (S), and investing wisely (I). Hence, E + S + I = FS.

“The second refers to my belief that financial success is only 20% skill-set (S) and 80% mindset (M). That is true at the broad level and it applies to each of the three areas of financial success.”

Kim defines the potential success of an entrepreneur in very tangible terms. In many ways the key to your success has a lot to do with your belief in yourself.

It may be more interesting to think that a product will either sell itself or it won’t, but at the end of the day your success may hinge on whether you really believe in what you are selling, your ability to sell it, and the long-term potential for business success.

It is a sense of personal investment that will allow you to take appropriate risks in business development. It is that mental toughness that will not allow you to play it safe.

Did you notice that Kim said that E + S + I = FS? How you think about your business is important, but so is the investment you can make in the business. A third element is also needed and that is the research needed to invest that hard-earned capital wisely.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You have to find a balance where your thinking, available capital and investments combine to allow you to boldly step forward to locate a place where your dreams can connect with the needs of consumers.

If you struggle with saving or you aren’t really sure if you should do it, you need to earnestly seek to save in a more disciplined way and refuse to take the next step until you can believe in that next step with every fiber of your being.