Paint Removal

When you are renovating your home, or perhaps restoring an old piece of furniture, one of your biggest concerns is paint removal. There are many things to consider, and there are many things that you may not know. One of your biggest concerns when it comes to paint removal is whether or not the paint you are dealing with is lead-based. When you’re dealing with lead-based paint, you have to take special precautions because if you do not, you can put lead particles into the air that are dangerous.

Paint removal by sanding is common for small jobs. As long as you are not working with lead paint, this might be the fastest way to go when you have a smooth, flat surface. However, if you have a paint removal project that has a lot of corners, niches, and curves you want to go with a different method. There are many solvents that can be used for removing pain, and they are best used when you have a large project, or when a sander will just not do. Make sure you take safety precautions so that you are not putting solvents and paint into the environment by way of water or ground.

For some projects, you may not have to take the paint all the layoff to begin with. In some cases paint removal may be too difficult, or you may just not have the time to do it. If you want to paint over top of paint, you have to sand the surface slightly in order for the new paint to adhere to the old. This is a trick a lot of people use when they do not have time for paint removal. It is always best to completely remove the old paint, but we all know that sometimes this is just not possible.

If you find that your paint removal project is just too much, there are professionals out there who can do the job for you. If you look in your local yellow pages, you can find people who do restoration for a living. They will know exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it. They are well-versed in paint removal and all other aspects of restoring an old piece. If you have furniture that you have inherited, but it doesn’t look as good as it used to, these people can make it look like it is brand new without compromising the integrity and strength of your furniture.