painting landscapes

My father is a wonderful artist, but he spends much of his time painting things that do not involve people. He likes it that way, and he should always paint what he likes. He says the reason that he is usually painting landscapes as apposed to scenes with humans is because he cannot master the human face. He can do it, but the emotions he tries to portray in them never comes out just right. All artists have their strengths and weaknesses, and his happen to be faces. That’s just fine though, as most of his inspiration comes from nature anyway.

What is great about painting landscapes is that you don’t have to worry about your inspiration getting up and walking away. You don’t have to ask for it to pose for you, because it already does so naturally. Some can shoot a scene with a camera and then use that to paint the picture. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it works great when you don’t have time to sit down in the middle of a field to see what is in front of you as you work. This can also help when you want to capture something that might change, and we all know lighting can change swiftly.

What is great about painting landscapes is that you don’t have to have a lot of artistic talent to do it. You do have to have some, but there are many techniques that you can learn if you take lessons from someone. Obviously talent is not something you can learn, but anyone can do a passable job painting landscapes if they really want to give it a go. There are times when we just feel like trying something new, and this can be a great thing to try. You may not keep it up as a hobby, but you will have fun trying it out and seeing what you can do with a paint brush.

Look around your area for art lessons if you think painting landscapes is something you want to do. You can find someone in each community, and probably more than one. You may find courses at your local college that won’t cost very much, or you can find some instructions on painting landscapes if you look around online. You will have to buy supplies if you take this up as a hobby, but you will find things to be more affordable than you probably think. It’s a great way to express yourself to the let some of the stress of the week go away. You may be surprised to see what you can do.