personal trainer

The best way to get fit and keep fit is to have one to one sessions with a personal trainer. They are much in demand these days, employed by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Madonna and Britney Spears. However, they are not just for the stars. Many people use their services for different reasons.

People who have demanding jobs may not have time to go to the gym and the personal trainer often will train a client in their own home at their convenience. Not everyone enjoys the experience of a gym and prefers to work out in their own surroundings. However, for people who like the gym environment, some trainers have their own gym to invite clients to.

The first step is for an experienced professional to assess the needs of the client and find out their health status. It is important to work with someone who has the proper qualifications and accreditation. From the initial assessment, the trainer will test general fitness and cardiovascular endurance and then go on to design an individual exercise routine, tailored to the goal that the client has set out. Some people want to achieve weight loss or gain muscle and toning. Some may want to improve stamina or flexibility.

Some clients bring specific goals in addition to wanting to maintain general fitness levels. Many athletes work with a personal trainer and they may want to improve speed or power. There are exercise regimes aimed at rehabilitation after sports injuries and some massage may be required. Pre or post-natal training is another option.

Some trainers like to work with machines and some prefer not to, only using free weights. Whatever the methods used, the trainer will work on different parts of the body. Typical exercises include squats, step-ups, bench presses and lat pulls. When equipment is used, it is likely to be weights, steps, a rowing machine, treadmill, exercise bike, skipping rope or punchbag.

Keeping fit is a matter of self discipline but it can be easier said than done. Having a routine is the best way to approach it but it can be hard, even then. A personal trainer is not just there to provide the necessary knowledge but to motivate the client and give them support. Sometimes, the body just doesn’t feel like doing anything and that’s when personal trainers are worth their weight in gold. It could become one of the most significant relationships in a person’s life.