personal training courses

Keeping fit has spawned a whole industry and way of life. Lots of people want to tone up and lose weight. There are a lot of job opportunities for fitness instructors and enrolling on personal training courses is a good place to start. This could lead to a career in a gym, leisure center or as a personal trainer. It’s important to choose a reputable course provider and one that awards recognized qualifications.

Fitness training requires in depth knowledge of the subject and many people go on to qualify in specialist personal training courses. Being trained in a specialty can mean more earning potential. In order to receive a diploma, most courses have mandatory units with add on modules on offer.

A general grasp of what being fit means and how to assess an individual’s fitness levels is essential. It is vital to understand how specific exercises impact on the different parts of the body. Modules will contain Anatomy and the movement of joints and a study of muscles. Energy Systems will be another aspect studied, with regard to releasing energy. Cardio respiratory Systems are also studied, in relation to the workings of the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Students will also learn about nutrition and the function of vitamins and minerals. Weight Management is another aspect of the course.

Students must learn about the correct operation of a gym. There will be a series of lessons, including how to induct a client into the use of the equipment and how to compile an individual exercise regime with set targets. The client must have a medical screening and the gym must adhere to health and safety requirements. Personal Training courses will discuss how to warm up and cool down on cardiovascular training and resistance training using exercise and free weights.

Specialist training can be very interesting, once an ability level in general personal training courses has been achieved. Exercise to Music is one such niche and is very popular. Ante Post Natal is another area of expertise and this fitness training is much in demand. Students learn of the changes to the body that occur in pregnancy, how pregnant women can make use of the gym and which abdominal exercises are most effective.

Exercising for Older People is another specialty. This will remain popular, as life expectancy gets longer. In addition to face to face personal training courses, there are distance learning courses whereby students learn with the aid of workbooks, online tutorials and CD Roms.